18th Jul, 2023 10:00

TWO DAY: Toys for the Collector Auction

  Lot 7


Dinky Toys 38, 39 & 40 Series Cars

Sold for £120
Estimated at £150 - £250

Dinky Toys 38, 39 & 40 Series Cars, 38d Alvis Sports Tourer, green body, black seats and ridged hubs, 38e Armstrong Siddeley Coupe, light grey body, deep blue seats, black ridged hubs, 38f Jaguar (2), first example red body, maroon interior, black ridged hubs, second light blue body, grey interior, black ridged hubs, 39e Chrysler Royal Sedan, dark blue body, black ridged hubs, 39b Oldsmobile, grey body, black ridged hubs, 139b Hudson Sedan, cream/maroon body, maroon hubs, 159 Morris Oxford, fawn body, grey hubs, 40d Austin Devon, maroon body and hubs, G-E, blue 38f lacks one headlight, 159 detailing in black (9)