2nd May, 2024 11:00

Bank Note Auction - Part Two

  Lot 617


A group of six engraved steel and copper plates

Sold for £800
Estimated at £30 - £50

A group of six engraved steel and copper plates, including a copper plate (18.0cms x 13.0cms) engraved with border and corner designs measuring 4.0cms x 5.5cms, also etched crudely along one edge with 'maldive patterns 29/966/6', a steel plate (11.5cms x 7.5cms) engraved with a scene of a group of men standing, measuring 7.0cnms x 3.0cms, a curved steel plate (6.5cms x 4.0cms) engraved with a spiral design measuring 2.5cms x 2.5cms, a steel plate 13.0cms x 10.0cms engraved with a standing figure measuring 5.5cms x 1.5cms, a steel plate (12.5cms x 10cms) engraved with a sitting figure measuring 3.0cms x 4.0cms, surrounded by a number of small random practice engravings, the rear of the plate has been marked 'Trials' in blue marker pen, along with a steel plate (14.0cms x 18.5cms) engraved with four small decorative squares each measuring 8mm x 8mm, and the lettering 'FILE No R200', some corrosion and oxidation noted on all plates, and one or two have some residue on the engraved side of the plates, possibly as a result of the engraving or printing process