25th Jul, 2023 10:00

Music & Entertainment Auction

  Lot 552


Star Trek / Signatures / Books / Posters


Star Trek / Signatures / Books / Posters, six Paramount publicity photos of 'Star Trek - The Next Generation' cast members, all with Signatures and COAs: Jonathan Frakes ( 'First Officer William T. Riker'); Brent Spiner ('Lt. Commander Data'); Martina Sirtis ('Lt. Commander Deanna Troi'); LeVar Burton ('Lt. Geordi La Forge'); Gates McFadden ('Dr. Beverley Crusher'); Alice Krige ('The Borg Queen'). - all in very good condition plus nine Star Trek related books comprising 'The Wrath of Khan' 1982 paperback photo-novel, William Shatner's 'Star Trek Memories' and 'Movie Memories', three French-language cartoon books, two annuals 1977 and 1978 and Lost Voyages plus two Cine Rock posters - various conditions - As per our Terms and Conditions and with particular reference to autograph material or works, it is imperative that potential buyers or their agents have inspected pieces that interest them to ensure satisfaction with the lot prior to auction; the purchase will be made at their own risk. Special Auction Services will give indications of provenance where stated by vendors.