22nd Feb, 2024 12:00

The Important Private Antique Doll Collection of Austin Smith and Margaret Harkin - Part 1

  Lot 39


A French swivel headed fashionable doll

Sold for £750
Estimated at £600 - £800


A French swivel headed fashionable doll, possibly Barrois, pressed bisque with deep blue striated glass eyes, light brown brows, moulded ears with piercing into the head, cork pate with pale blonde mohair wig, gusseted kid body with pinked top edge, white muslin two part dress with waterfall cuffs and artificial flower trim, knitted cotton fingerless mittens, white muslin petticoat, pink chemise, white cotton petticoat, pantaloon, socks and brown leather boots —14 1/2in. (37cm.) high (hairline to right shoulder, aged body, cork pate and wig with some insect damage)