21st Sep, 2023 10:00

Popular Large Gauge Trains Auction

  Lot 20


A Hornby 0 Gauge clockwork Black Locomotive 'Project Box' (16)

Sold for £130
Estimated at £160 - £220

A Hornby 0 Gauge clockwork Black Locomotive 'Project Box' (16), comprising LMS 2711 4-4-0 loco and tender, G, mech works but sticky, loco missing chimney and other parts, another No. 2 loco and tender repainted in black with red footplate, P-F, parts missing and damages, a repro No. 2 tender, G, a repainted No.1 loco and tender, brass 2710 plates to cab, as repaint G, some parts missing, LMS No. 0 loco, F, tissue stuck to cabside varnish, with repainted narrow tender, a LNER No. 1 loco only, G, wheels replaced, LMS 0-4-0 Tank loco, rusty, rods missing, LMS tank loco 623, F, handrail missing, wheels loose, and LNER tank loco 623, F, cylinders missing, rust/retouching to body, all mechs tested okay at time of cataloguing, together with 3 keys to fit (16)