20th Jun, 2023 10:30

Dolls & Teddy Bears Auction

Lot 7


Alice in Wonderland and Peter Pan

Sold for £130
Estimated at £50 - £80

Alice in Wonderland and Peter Pan, Alice - a Ponda Jig-saw The Mad Tea Party, in original box; Raphael Tuck Alice in Wonderland with ‘Come to Life’ panorama; Mabel Lucie Attwell Alice in Wonderland; a Journey Alice dexterity puzzle and two other books; Peter Pan - Pepys Card Game, in original box, Juvenile Production Peter Pan & Wendy and Hodder & Stoughton Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens; Hutchinson L Frank Baum Wizard of Oz and Kenneth Grahame’s First Whisper of The Wind in the Willows