22nd Feb, 2024 12:00

The Important Private Antique Doll Collection of Austin Smith and Margaret Harkin - Part 1

Lot 7


A very rare English wooden doll circa 1740

Sold for £22,000
Estimated at £8,000 - £12,000


A very rare English wooden doll circa 1740, the carved, turned and painted head and torso with inset dark enamel eyes, dotted eye lashes, underlined monobrow, delicate nose, protruding top lip and slight chin, rosy cheeks, large well carved ears, large forehead, original cotton wig nailed at the top, curled and plaited around the face, prominent breast with very narrow waist, cloth arms nailed to the shoulders, carved and painted wooden hands, white washed lower body with wooden legs jointed at hips and knees, original yellow silk robe a la Francaise, blue and white damask stomacher and continuing as a dummy revealed petticoat, blue silk frill along neckline and wing cuffs, all with silver thread and white ribbon trim, all the dress is lined with plain white paper, matching cap, green striped silk petticoat with a highly unusual 1740 dated broadsheet paper lining telling the tale of murderesses Elizabeth and Mary Branch from Taunton, Somerset and one red wool cloth shoes, clothes are nailed to the body and not designed to be removed —14in. (35.5cm.) height from feet - 16in. (40.5cm.) height from bottom of dress (one lower leg very well replaces, some wear and fraying to dress, broadsheet tearing) - Elizabeth Branch (1673–1740) and her daughter Mary (1716–1740) were English murderers convicted of the beating to death of a servant-girl, Jane Buttersworth